Spirit of Salt is Heather Clark Lynn, an artist and designer in Dallas, Texas.

A designer polished in the digital space, Heather’s hand-painted work combines ancient symbols, emblemata, flora and fauna in precision compositions that reflect a longing for magic in a modern age.



Looking at a symbol is a creative act, in a way. Even a symbol whose meaning is “obvious” has a subtly different significance for each person. It requires that you weave in your own experience to complete the thought. A symbol is a communication shrouded in mystery. A message that changes a little bit every time it’s transmitted.

As we go through life we collect symbols, consciously or not, that come to define our identity. I like thinking of these as our personal mythology. The stories that we tell about ourselves, visual reminders of experiences we want to remember and ideals we hold sacred.

Painting these symbols on possessions is like creating personal talismans, fulfilling a deep impulse we have to decorate ourselves and our surroundings with images that communicate who we are, in a coded way that’s only decipherable to ourselves and those that know us most.


Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.