Frequently Asked Questions


Commissioning a Piece

Send me an email describing the type of piece you’d like, including your inspiration: symbols, messages, images or ideas; color likes and dislikes. I’ll give you a quote.
I do not recreate custom and commissioned pieces, but if you see something you like, I can work with you on something similar.

  • I supply the canvas for hanging tapestries and can source small leather goods, but for most other clothing and home goods you will send me a piece to paint on. This ensures the quality, fit, material and style is to your liking. I can provide some material recommendations if needed.

  • I’ll be in touch throughout the process to share designs and color palettes before painting. 

  • Lead time is 4-8 weeks depending on my workload.

How Much?

Commissions start at $100 and depend on size and design complexity.

Custom jacket back pieces are $375 - reserve one here.